Our Hills


No matter what your skill level, we want everyone to have an incredible outdoor experience. When you visit Sunburst, you will have the opportunity to ski on 11 different runs, snowboard on 2 adventurous terrain parks, and choose between 45 chutes on the snow tubing hill. If you can kick it at Sunburst, you can kick it anywhere in the world!

This is the best winter adventure Wisconsin has to offer! Read more and see for yourself!


One of the green ski hills at Sunburst.



Status: CLOSED

Wunderberg pays homage to the original name of our ski area, before it became Sunburst in 1984. Our southernmost run, this friendly hill is where all beginner lessons take place.

Zig Zag

Status: CLOSED

Zig Zag is the next step in your skiing adventure! Zig Zag has some fun, twisty terrain that’s sure to launch you to an all-time high!

Frieda’s Run

Status: CLOSED

Frieda’s Run offers a delightful, easy ride from the top of the hill to the bottom, and invites you to take in some sights along the way. This splendid slope is named for our owner’s beloved mom, Frieda.

A blue hill at sunburst.


Second Chance

Status: CLOSED

Second Chance is Sunburst’s only south-facing hill and becomes Zig Zag halfway down. Now that’s a heckuva two for one!


Status: CLOSED

Edelweiss is a skier’s favorite. Having been around since 1961, it’s our oldest and largest run and calls back to our German heritage. You can’t help but have an incredible time on this tried and true blue hill.

Ridge Runner

Status: CLOSED

Ridge Runner is where skiers and snowboarders meet. This adventurous run serves as the entrance to our terrain park.

A snowboarder doing a jump in the terrain park.


South Park

Status: CLOSED

South Park boasts exciting terrain made for all skill levels in mind. Our expertly made jumps and features are sure to help you catch some air!

North Park

Status: CLOSED

North Park is South Park’s friendlier younger sibling. While still peppered with thrilling features, this terrain park calls to those just learning to balance, carve, and fall in style.


A black hill at sunburst.


Eco Alley

Status: CLOSED

Eco Alley is named for our owner’s three daughters: Emily, Caroline, and Olivia. Sunburst’s narrowest run, this slope creates a thrilling experience like being launched out of a chute!

Werners Way

Status: CLOSED

Werners Way aptly calls to the mindset of our owner’s stubborn, yet loving father, Werner, who skied on the German national team in the 1950s. This stalwart slope is our primary ski race run bolstered with two headwalls and a fallaway.


The Other Way

Status: CLOSED

The Other Way calls to the well-known fact that, if it wasn’t Werner’s Way, it was the other way. Sunburst’s steepest and most challenging run, this is where we host the motorcycle climb every June.

Two people riding the ski lift together.


Want live coverage of the Sunburst ski area? We’ve got you covered. Our hill cams are live every second of every day, so you can stay “in the snow” of current weather, ski hill conditions, and what’s happening on the slopes before you bundle up and book it to your favorite local hill!

Edelweiss Ski Hill Cam

Watch live footage of our front-running hill. The Edelweiss ski hill cam offers a vast overview of the entire ski area.

Terrain Park Hill Cam

The terrain park hill cam captures live coverage of both of our adventurous terrain parks. Check out who’s hitting the slopes and if conditions are looking good enough for you to jet on over!

Werner’s Way Hill Cam

Get 24/7 coverage of our primary racing run! Not only can you check weather and snow conditions, you can tune in to some exciting races!

Das Chutes Snow Tubing Hill Cam

Status: CLOSED

Never miss a moment of fun when you check out our tubing hill cam! Check out snow conditions, weather conditions, and how many lanes are open!

Das Chutes welcomes you and your snow tube to 45+ chutes, a 90-foot drop in elevation, and over 1200 feet of pure fun. Experience the thrill of the hill when you reach speeds of over 35mph at the world’s largest tubing hill! Plus, two magic carpets mean you can slide down again and again and again.


All ski, snowboard, and tubing lift tickets are sold online! When you’re ready to head out on the hill, fill out a waiver and buy your ticket online.


CLOSED FOR THE SEASON: Thank you for a great 21/22 season!

BOOK YOUR NEXT PARTY AT SUNBURST! Our Ski Chalet is now available for parties up to 200 people.

Sunburst Summer Solstice Bash- Friday June 17th!